I am a qualified yoga teacher, internationally recognised by the Yoga Alliance®. I trained in the northern mountains of India, in a region called Dharamshala. This area is well known for being home of the Dalai Lama, and was  the dream spot to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. The Tibetan Buddhist hilltop town has a spiritual energy imprinted in the culture of the people, buildings and the history. Having the chance to practice in such a naturally peaceful place acted as a strong foundation for me, shaping the type of teacher I wanted to become.  Having practiced yoga on and off for the last 3 years, I found I was always pulled back to it, whenever I took a break. So after spending 7 months travelling around India, I decided to follow my heart and further my practice, beginning my Yoga Teacher Training. This opportunity not only improved my physical strength and technique, it enabled me to explore deeper into my meditation practice, and delve into the world of mindfulness. It was an incredible, life changing experience.

I’m currently based in South West London. I’m excited for the continued chance to grow, both as a practitioner and a student, in this beautiful life’s journey. I look forward to sharing a practice with you!