Namaste Friends,

My name is Georgie and I am a free-spirited, lover of life and I cannot wait to share the magical journey of yoga together!

As a passionate yoga instructor, my mission is to inspire others towards a happier and healthier life. If I’m an advocate for anything, its that yoga is a practice for all. I aim to guide students towards the best versions of themselves; through the magic of yoga.

I trained in Dharamshala, northern India, where my love of the practice started, but this was only the beginning of ‘The Knotted Yogi’s’ journey.

Since gaining my first qualifications, I have lived, travelled and taught in; London, Sri Lanka and India. This extraordinary combination of learning, practicing, and teaching, while following my Sri Lankan roots, has cemented my deep connection to eastern values of the practice.

Outside of teaching my other interests, include; long walks in nature, hula hooping, cooking up some plant-based creations and an oat coffee with a great read.

“Georgies graceful and controlled yoga accompanied by her calming and enlightening teachings became my rock as I went through a huge life changing period. I am now equipped with a great new tool box for lifes’ large and small challenges. I look forward to following your classes while you re away.”

– Sarah

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