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“Georgie is a fantastic yoga teacher. I’ve practiced yoga for three years, and have tried several styles and disciplines, but Georgie’s is the most dynamic class I’ve ever been to. From the moment you walk into the room, she provides an atmosphere, with candles and fairy lights to calming music and relaxing scents. No class is ever the same, and Georgie blends hatha, ashtanga, and vinyasa styles in her flows.

What makes her such a great teacher is her willingness to explain things. She’ll talk you through a breathing technique or an asana with ease. She also knows just how to push her students. I’ve been going to her classes for about nine months now, and she’s fantastic at reminding her students not to fall back into those pesky ‘bad habits’. In talking us through the breathing and the movements, Georgie always takes care to make sure that no one injures themselves, and will adjust everyone in the class to make sure they’re moving correctly.

Aside from her fantastic yogi knowledge, she’s such a cheerful spirit and a joy to learn from and practice with! We are so sad to be losing her this August, but can’t wait for her to come back from Sri Lanka in October!”

Madeline | 28

“Georgies graceful and controlled yoga accompanied by her calming and enlightening teachings became my rock as I went through a huge life changing period. I am now equipped with a great new tool box for lifes’ large and small challenges. I look forward to following your classes while you re away.”

Sarah | 53 | Freelance Artist

“We are really enjoying the classes. It’s a great venue and I think Georgie is using the space really well. I am impressed at how welcoming , attentive and encouraging she is, keeping in mind different abilities and needs. Maxine, aged 16 and me, at the tender age of 52, are looking forward to our Tuesday evenings. I have been to a number of classes over the years and think Georgie is doing a great job.”

Linda | 52 | Mum of 3

“Georgie’s passion for yoga really resonates in her classes. As a beginner I’ve felt completely comfortable with positions compared to other experiences I’ve had. Georgie takes the time to cater for all ages and abilities. A great teacher and lovely spirit, would highly recommend!”

Maddy | 26

“Georgie is a fantastic yoga teacher. She combines a deep knowledge of the practice with beautiful readings and a calm, relaxing and encouraging style. Her sessions have been so important for my physical and mental wellbeing throughout the lockdown, and I would highly recommend any one considering yoga to reach out to her!”

Ollie | 27